Availability: 7 days a week 12pm til bedtime (I do not accept appts before 12pm.)

I do not accept provider references in the traditional way anymore, as we all know that most of the time providers are not reference friendly in various ways.  I do not want this to hinder us getting to meet, so I have tried to get a little creative with my screening process.

Screening is always required to see me. If you are not comfortable with my screening methods, please find another provider.

P411 Members

If you have at least two recent (within the last 6 months) P411 okays, please PM me via my ID P328364 to make your appointment.

If we have met before

Please simply send me a PM on OH2 and let me know who you are and remind me of who you are in case it has been a while and I have forgotten.  If it’s been more than a few years, chances are I will not remember you, nor did I keep old numbers all the times I’ve moved.  You’ll need to be screened again unless you have the non-traditional references as outlined below.

If we have not met before

Provider Reference Options

Option 1: If you have proof that you have seen two well-known, established providers recently (within the last 6 months) such as a PM from them thanking you for the appointment, etc, you may screenshot or take a picture of the PM to me.  The interactions must be from a reputable provider who has been around more than a year.  Texts will not work unless she posts her phone number on OH2 or P411. 

You can send the picture/screenshot to my email listed below or via text message to me with your handle and the site you found me on.  I must see the provider’s full name, date of her interaction with you, and the verbiage clearly.  Then PM me from the site you found me on and tell me your first name, which package # you are interested in and date/time. 

Please note: your interactions/screenshots/pics must be within the last 6 months.

Option 2: If you don’t have anything from recent providers you’ve seen, simply send a PM to them and ask them if they’d see you again.  When you receive their response, screenshot it to me just like Option 1 above. 🙂

No References

Option 3:

  1. PM me from your OH2 or P411 account and let me know what number I should be expecting a call from and when
  2. Call and introduce yourself (phone number is at the bottom of the page) and let’s have a chat to see if we’d be a good match.   Do not use any app numbers.  You must use your real phone number.  You may want to make sure I will be available when you call.  Please be in a private place where you can speak normally (no phone sex voice or low voice). 
  3. If you pass the phone call portion of option 3, there is one more hoop you must jump through to see me.  I will let you know on the phone if you are able to move onto this step.  This involves real life information.  So if you are not willing to give your real life information, then please do not opt for option 3.

Once we meet, I will be happy to provide you a reference in the following ways: P411 invite or okay, OH2 Okay on my OH2 profile, or any reference via PM to any provider of your choosing.

Please note: I will return your call if you’ll leave a voicemail with your name, handle, phone number, and a good time to return your call.



P411 ID P328364

469 453 6203 (Did you send a PM from OH2 or P411 first before calling?)

yournovaluxx (at) protonmail (dot) ch