• No reviews on any site/forum. No I am not hiding anything.  This is for personal reasons.
  • Do not give my location to anyone under any circumstances including other providers or clients/friends.
  • I am reference friendly, but by PM on P411 or OH2 only.
  • Payment due before service are rendered.​
  • After your shower, please leave your belongings in the bathroom all together.
  • I do not like aggressive or rough sessions.​ No hair pulling or neck/head holding.
  • No trips to the Greek Isle on me.
  • No drinking alcohol, smoking, or doing drugs prior to arrival..
  • Not wheelchair-accessible, ​no ubers/lyft drop-offs or pick-ups, no semi truck parking, no weapons in my incall.
  • I do not screen/book further ahead than for an appointment today or tomorrow at the latest.